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Transatlantic Sarah · 4 Battens · Radar · My Backyard   March 4  Sarah Hebert continues her transatlantic journey - The new 4 batten sails - Radar uncovers best poster of the year; new community listing; 2012 Calendar finished; forums in the U.S and Canada - Backyard report from the Calema Midwinters - Postscript

Olympic Incubator · Godspeed Sarah Hebert · WISSA · R ~ R  Feb 14  Banana River Resort's Olympic history with Beth Winkler, Dominique Vallee and Sarah Quita Offringa - Hebert ready to leave Africa - World Ice & Snow Sailing Championship from Michigan - Rail to Rail Video

Learn it Good · Robby · Windsurfer · Interviews  Feb 12  Upcoming learning clinics, camps and tours from ABK, Aloha Clinics, Miller & Poor and Guy Cribb - Robby & Kai video interviews - Windsurfer Magazine - Interviews by Sophie Louca

Transatlantic · Shops · Digital Uprising · Stoke  Feb 5  Sarah Hebert's transatlantic windsurf challenge explained with videos and history of other similat attempts - News from some U.S. shops - Internet evolution for windsurfing media - Some stoke via photos

Slalom Tips for Starts & Straight Line Speed  Jan 29  PWA interview from the racers themselves - More linked up help

Windsport ~ Pete Dekay · 101 Surf Sports · AWT   Jan 15  Pete Dekay Interview - Waterhound David Well's new shop - New info on the American Windsurfing Tour - Postscript

WindSurfing & Boards · Cisco & Jimmie at Jaws    Jan 8  WindSurfing goes out of business and Boards goes digital - Amazing photo sequence of Cisco at Jaws by Jimmie Hepp

Welcome 2012  Jan 2  US Racing news for the winter months - More


Rest In Peace WINDSURFING Magazine  Dec 22  Josh Sampiero's announcement that WindSurfing Mag was suspending publication

Nurturing the Sport · PWA Live · Radar · Video Replay  Sept 26  USWA and host of others talk about growing the sport of windsurfing - WS scuttlebutt - 4 videos

PWA Kia @coldhawaii · Radar · Windsurfer · Best Videos  Sept 18  Wave contest report from Denmark - WS scuttlebutt - Internet magazine - 6 videos

Hurricanes · Radar · Legends · Best Videos · PWA Live   Sept 11  The big storms should be good for windsurfing but are they? - WS scuttlebutt - Laird Hamilton - 6 videos - Live Klittmoler

AWT Cancels Hatteras Wave Jam · Best Videos · Radar  Sept 6  Hurricane ruins hatteras and the scheduled wave contest - 6 videos - WS Scuttlebutt

Best Videos from Last Week · Digital Evolution  Aug 29  Online magazine, newsletter, catalogs

Best Videos from Last Week · The Ways of the Wind  Aug 22  7 videos - Newspapers reporting on windsurfing and some Katie Crafts newspaper articles

Summer  Aug 15  Reports on Marion Lepert, Zane Schweitzer, Nicolas Dudet, Sarah Quita Offringa, Dax Barker and Bjorn Dunkerbeck

Cactus Cup Rewind · New Mags · American Slalom  Aug 8  Complete report of the AWT in Baja with all the photos and videos - 2 new mags - Maui & Gorge racing

Freestyle  Aug 1  Last 10 years of PWA Freestyle Champions - Kuma movies - The other North american freestylist - Learners guide freestyle

Kevin Trejo: Solo Sports & the Cactus Cup · PWA Live  July 24  Interview - Live stream

U.S. Championship Rewind · Techno 293 Worlds · PWA Live · Jaws   July 17  Recap of the USWA Championship + freestyle with video and photos - T 293 Worlds preview - KP Jaws video of Polakow

U.S. Championship - Formula Carnage - PWA Live   July 10  USWA Championship preview - Formula Worlds report from Puerto Rico - Pozo Livecast videos

Maui Maids · Formula Worlds · Busy Summer · Big Loops  July 3  Windsurfing Mag kerfuffle with Maui women wave sailors - Formula Worlds preview - PWA's banner year & looping in the Gorge - videos

AWT Recap - Windsurfing History - Wiewel Videos - Defi Wind  June 26  Pistol River complete report with videos and photos - Weird moment in WS history - Red Bull Jump Contest - Maui Race Series videos by Wiewel

Live from Aruba - Katie Crafts & the CGWA - Race Stories - Sunscreen   June 19  Interview with Katie Crafts about the CGWA - Race stories from Lepert, Angulo, Henderson, Ramsden,Volwater and Farell - Maui Race Series video

PWA live webcast from Bonaire - AWT Pistol River on Thursday  June 12  Pistol River preview - Zane Schweitzer's sunscreen - Defi Wind preview - New Maui Ultra fin

The PWA World Tour returns to Bonaire & Aruba  June 5  Event preview - 17 Kuma videos

Tell the story, grow the sport   May 30  Some words about why DaNews, DaNewsBlog and the Learners guide to windsurfing

AWT: Santa Cruz Classic, the whole enchilada   May 22  The really big report with all the videos and photos

Jeremy Leonard of Surf City Racing takes a look at the AWT   May 18  Windsurfing outsider details his observation of the first AWT event with photos


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