Sunday, September 26, 2010

Got stoke ?

Windsurfing is live | Sylt, Germany | While North America is enjoying perfect Fall temps, windsurfing's biggest event is being played out on the coast of Northern Germany in what usually turns out to be pretty cold and gnarly conditions. Total spectator numbers are expected to reach 200,000. That's impressive. The only thing that could top that is the 2nd live PWA video webcast in as many weeks. If you time your visit to this blog right, the player below will be broadcasting live !!!

Daily news is the leading edge of history | DaNews was officially introduced to readers of this blog in early April of this year. After 8 months, DN has linked up over 1300 pieces of modern windsurfing history. Believe me, it's sometimes hard to select a readible/viewable amount of news for the day. Some days there's just too much; rarely, not enough. For months now, almost everyday starts with the hunt for da news. The daily hunt grinds through over 100 blogs, 40+ websites including 2 news aggregators, and over 30 Facebook pages (growing everyday).

DaNews is hosted by Facebook which is free and does a brilliant job with links and videos. DN is viewable by everybody (FB membership not required). FB supports an off-site reader gadget. If your website would be interested in embedding the "gadget," leave your website name in Comments. Here are 2 sites that use the reader: San Francisco BoardSailing Association and U.S. Windsurfing.

Where have all the legends gone? | Ian Boyd, 40 years old, was born in San Diego, lives in San Francisco and is married with 2 kids. Still a team rider for North Sails, he wants to be remembered for being one of the early contributors that helped shape modern day freestyle. He is the the founder and creative director of Cosmic Planet, a small digital studio based in San Francisco. He's passionate about photography, point-of-view videography, interactive design, board sports and his family. Take the time, visit his bodacious website and I mean click all the links. This new video got the attention of the windsurfing media:

Facebook | Someone tell me, how many windsurfers still do this sport?  I once read there were a million windsurfers in Germany. This Facebook page, Windsurfing, with 72,187 fans, describes the sport using what is found on Wikipedia. FB users will notice there is no wall, only the latest from your friends who post windsurfing topics.

Bloggersville | Jamin Jones | The level of writing and reporting found in windsurfing blogs is usually pretty good, but sometimes it exceeds all expectations, by any standard. The Pistol River Wave Jam 4 part event report gives new meaning to what a thorough, complete history should look like. Intro  Day 1  Day 2  Final

The Hatteras Wave Jam |  Maybe it's the rarity of  wave sailing contests or the exciting visuals but whatever the reasons, wave contests draw the reporting. Here's your complete source for the reporting of the 2010 Hatteras Wave Jam.     

Slang | stoke | Sometime in the early 1960s a word that related to fire building was used  to describe the great feeling that comes from surfing a wave: that word was stoke. Before the age of windsurfing, this word belonged to surfing; but in the last 30 odd years, windsurfing has also been smitten. Seems like everybody else has also adopted, arguably, the coolest word of the urban lexicon. You'll find the beloved descriptor titled in the Stoked for Life Blog. Stoked was used as the name of a  TV show, a cartoon series and video game; it's even the name of a vitamin supplement, a skateboard company and a documentary film. Wanna buy the domain name? I'm just getting warmed up...It's even the subject of this news broadcast...

Postscript | A friend keeping  it real here at Port Canaveral, Jetty Park, Florida just a few days ago.

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