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Marion Lepert's summer included 2 world championship podium finishes: outright World Title for the 2011 Women's Formula Class World Champion and a 2nd place finish in the Under 17 Bic Techno 293 World Championship. Her essay for the Little Pickle Press gives us an insight into the rarefied world of  competitive windsurfing. She writes: "Every time someone asks me what my favorite activity is, I answer windsurfing, and every time I get blank stares. “What’s that?” is the question that most commonly follows. This is no surprise because windsurfing is not very popular in the United States. In fact, I have only met a couple dozen American junior windsurfers. But this has not stopped me from loving the sport. I have been windsurfing for eight years, and racing for five. During the summer, I race with an amazing group of San Francisco windsurfers, who have taught me everything I know about racing. In four years, they have helped me go from struggling just to finish a course to being able to race internationally..." How My Dreams Take Me Through Change

The Bic Techno 293 Worlds were held July 19 - 24 in San Francisco, Marion's home waters. She has a short interview toward the end in the video below. 7 more videos from the event here.

Zane Schweitzer came in 2nd in the Under 20 division of the first ever running of the IFCA Youth Wave World Championship. Zane won the Expression Session which payed $1000 in prize money to the winner. In addition to the money for the Expression Session, $3000 more was awarded to the Junior and Youth Divisions of the regular competition !! Pretty amazing to see prize money here. And they joined an even bigger windsurfing event trend by live webcasting all the action. The contest ran from August 2 - 6 in Lobitos, Peru, a world famous wave destination.

Matty Schweitzer reports about the kids clinic: "Zane and I put together a kids clinic after the final day of the IFCA World Championships! We had more kids show up than we could have hoped for and had one of the most memorable days of our Lives introducing Kids to the Ocean and donating almost all that we had! This would have never been possible if it was not for Zane  and his sponsors donating their time, product and support! Mahalo Nui Loa to AlpinestarsStar-Board, Maui Jim & PowerBalance Hawai'i ! Because of your full support we have changed many lives here in Peru! And big thanks to Ricardo Guglielmino Pedreros for setting up everything and getting us out here! Viva Peru & Mahalo Nui."

Nicolas Dudet, 18 year old from Cancun, Mexico who now lives in the U.S., also competed in this event. He started windsurfing when he was 12 years old and decided by 14 to become a wave sailor. Nick had a 3rd place finish at the 2011 AWT Waddell Creek Event in the Amateur Division and a 5th place finish at the 2011 Pistol River in the Amateur Division. Nick missed AWT Baja to compete instead at the IFCA Youth Worlds in Peru.

More reporting at the event website. Expression Session below.

Sarah Quita Offringa  is having an amazing summer, grabbing 2 PWA World Titles: freestyle and slalom. The 20 year old from Aruba, who is now going to college in Holland, secured her 5th World Title with a 2nd place finish in slalom at the recent Tour stop in Alacati, Turkey. 2010 was the first year she competed in slalom for the entire tour finishing 3rd overall.

Of course we all know Sarah for her amazing command of freestyle. Boardseeker recently interviewed her. Asked about the two disciplines she now does: "’s good that the competitions are separated from each other so you can fully concentrate on one discipline for the duration of the event. But it is hard to keep your level high in both disciplines because if you don’t train, for instance, in freestyle for a while the others will progress more than you do. The same thing happens with slalom, so in that sense it’s hard to combine the two disciplines...Usually when I get the chance I’ll go and freestyle. I prefer to go slalom sailing with a buddy - it’s a little bit boring by yourself. However, sometimes I need some time off from freestyle and then I love blasting across the water on my slalom kit!"

Sarah dominating Race 9, Winners Final at Alacati:

Dax Barker may have set a new record this summer. At 7 yrs. old he may be the youngest to sail world famous Ho'okipa. He created a buzz with his recent photoshoot for his sponsor Hot Sails Maui. That's right he's sponsored. Being a good team rider, Dax got his sponsor's gear into the Action Sports (school) new brochure. From the Hot Sails Maui website:

DOB: 8/25/2004
Home Town: Sprecks, Maui
Home Break:  Camp One
Favorite Discipline:  Windsurfing!
Sail Quiver (sizes and models): Micro Bolt 1.6m, MircoFreak 2.1
Board Quiver: Starboard kids 88L, Quatro 50L
Favorite Fin Size: 40cm center, wave 20 on tail. Wave 22
Harness line length: 18 inches
Favorite Sailing Spots: Bonaire (in his dreams)
What inspires you?
Windsurfing! It is fun. Also Jeff, Mommy and Kai.

Top 5 Favorite Albums:
Throwdowns, Green Day, Beatles

You're all time favorite movie?
Don't mess with the Zohan

What's something that you get from sailing that you can't get from anything else? Respect and high fives.

Plans for the future: Finish 1st grade with good grades. Get a passport. Windsurf, surf and I want to foil-board.

Dax takes his sister for a short windsurfing adventure.

Björn Dunkerbeck won his first World Title in 1988 but his last Racing World Title, according to PWA records, was 1999. The 42 year old is legendary for his long career at the top of competition. Björn debuted as a professional in 1986. 35 years later he is once again World Champion !! His victory at the PWA tour stop in Alacati sealed the deal, making him the 2011 PWA Slalom World Champion. 

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