Thursday, October 25, 2012

AWT Final Event 2012 · Andre Paskowski · Live EFPT

Maui Makani Classic is underway October 25 - November 3 at Ho'okipa Beach Park. Visit the AWT Website for the big event reporting mashup from their Livestream, Facebook and Twitter. Don't miss their daily event summary reports by Russ Faurot and photos from Jimmie Hepp

Maui is 6 hours behind EDT. 10 AM Maui = 4 PM New York. For the after competition schedule of events each day, go here. Check out the Maui County Windward Waters Forecast. Have a look at Ho'okipa from Mama's Beach Cam. No announcement yet as to the exact time and date for the Champions Charity Heat.

DaNews will be collating the many different sources reporting on the event everyday.

Andre Paskowski presents..."A movie filmed at Gollito’s home and birthplace El Yaque (Venezuela), in Sotavento (Fuerteventura, Spain) and Tarifa (Spain). The movie follows Gollito’s story of becoming World Champion from the beginning using the latest slow motion cameras and techniques," reported Continent 7.

"Magic Moments presents Andre Paskowski’s fresh outlook on life. It presents moments that bring him joy, and an explanation for his passion for filming and producing movies. There are many magic moments that Andre sees through his lens. Seeing that magic while producing a movie like Rewarded."

For more information on these 2 videos and a chance to help Andre with this and future projects, go here.

Live webcast – EFPT (European Freestyle Pro Tour) Le Brusc, France, October 27 - 31. France is 6 hours ahead of EDT. More info.

EFE 2012 - Live by efe2012

Postcript · The WindSurfing Magazine Facebook page was taken down yesterday, October 26, 2012.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mark & Elena Angulo Move to Florida

Back in late July of this year, Jimmie Hepp put together a tribute album saluting the King and Queen of Hookipa. He reported: "I'm sad to say Aloha to Mark and Elena. They are embarking on another adventure/chapter to their lives. Tomorrow they leave to a new home in Florida."

Mark and Elena Angulo have moved to Florida and live about 30 miles south of me. Just settling in from a major move, I asked a few questions.

First, a BIG Welcome to Florida and gulp, are you kidding, you left Maui to move here? This must have been a big, big decision. Why did you leave and what are your plans for the future?

Thank you for the warm welcome, Elena and I are super excited to be here. I imagine to many people it would seem strange that we would pack up and leave Maui at this juncture in our lives. Obviously we love windsurfing and we're still super active in the Maui, Hookipa arena. But an interesting thing happened to us at the early part of this year. We both started to consider a change in our lives. I moved to Maui when I was 17 from Oahu, so I have always been in Hawaii. Elena lived there for a stretch back in the day, and we've been together there for a long time now, kind of doing the same thing. We love Maui, we love windsurfing, but we wanted a change of scenery, almost as simple as that. People forget, I grew up surfing on Oahu, so if I end up surfing some little beach break somewhere when I'm old, I'm all good. Elena loves to surf, so we came to Florida.

Of course there are other logistics involved, like half of our family is in Europe, so it's easier to visit each other. We need sun and ocean and weather that's not too cold. We have other interests that we want to pursue, etc. Also, I love board building, so it would seem obvious that we would try to find a healthy, vibrant, surf oriented community to move to.

What about your board building business?

I plan on continuing my love of building boards. I was building tons of SUPs and kiteboards and sailboards when I left, so I will for sure keep doing that. My Sups are sick, light and strong, people will love them!

Any advice for a light wind wave board?

As far as light wind wave boards, I've made quite a few large volume boards. Just gotta keep them light and fast , and loose. We haven't really got into the water yet as we have been remodeling our new home and cleaning up, and building my new shaping room.

Will you visit Maui again?

As far as sailing goes right now, we will probably go back to Maui in early 2013 for awhile; we also look forward to traveling around a bit more, although the truth is I like where we live, just outside Sebastian, so you'll have to pull me away.

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A lot of people tripped out that we left, especially that I would leave Maui and Hookipa. But I spent a lot of years at that break, punishing my body, coming up with new moves. I look forward to transitioning to a different mindset, one that compliments less pain in my body for sure, a new adventure, with the love of my life, Elena. Don't get me wrong, I still have the desire, even more than ever to rip hard. It's just that I will include a wider venue into my life. Hookipa is always there, and I know it well!

I'm going into my shaping room now, so if anyone is interested... email me at

Aloha, Mark  Angulo Custom Boards

More interviews...

"Wave 360s, goiters and contorted tweaked aerials - Mark Angulo's innovation and natural ability led to the creation of modern wave sailing and many of his moves are still the inspiration and aspiration for our sport's top athletes today. While his contorted style drew him event wins and worldwide accolades in the golden days of the sport, his head and body were twisting him in other ways too. In a frank and powerful interview with John Carter, Angulo tells about conquering his demons and finding his way back to the water, where already he's inventing new moves and being recognised as 'the one' to watch at Ho'okipa." The John Carter Interview
Mark interviews the young and talented Dax Barker.

"Mark Angulo is a living, breathing legend of our sport. A shape shifting, Peter Pan figure who, since setting the world on fire as Ho'okipa's youth sensation of the 80s, has continued to innovate and out-perform hundreds of young pretenders...One of the questions from the interview:

Hottest types of board shaped for custom customers right now?
I'm making a lot of different boards right now. A lot of sizes, from 65L up to 105L. Mostly I try to get my customers out of their comfort zone. I want them to be open to try something different. I spend a lot of time trying to de-program them from all the dis-information they’ve been spoon-fed over the years. It’s hard, but they never come back unhappy. It’s all about having fun and getting better, no matter how old you are. Most of my boards are going to foreign visitors that are looking for a new experience..." The umi Interview from Windsurfer International

"Mark and Elena Angulo are the windsurfing power-couple of the North Shore, often seen ripping waves at Ho’okipa together. Mark Angulo is considered one of the best and most innovative windsurfers in the world. He lives in Haiku with his wife Elena, who is also an avid pro-windsurfer and is a huge fan of her husband. Out of the water, the Angulos  pursue their separate businesses. Mark builds Angulo windsurfing boards for clients all over the world and Elena designs her high fashion bikini collection Pompei Beach. The couple are professionally sponsored by Naish, Powerex, Dakine, and Black Project Fins. Maui Now met with the Angulos to discuss their lifestyle as professional windsurfers and water-sport gear entrepreneurs." The Maui Now Interview

"Something’s not right if you turn up at Ho’okipa on a windy day and Elena Pompei isn’t rigging her sail or already in the water! Saying she’s passionate about windsurfing is an understatement. Almost always the first one in and the last one out, she spends hours upon hours in the water and sails in some of the gnarliest conditions alongside some of the best sailors. Elena’s stamina keeps her out sailing all day and it’s pretty much only the darkness, a dinner engagement or too many surfers in the water that get her out onto dry land!! Elena is multi-talented and successful in so many things she turns her hand to. She is not only a great windsurfer but also a business owner, swimwear designer and maintains over 7000 palm trees! Originally, hailing from Italy..." The Fishbowl Diaries Interview by Sophie Louca