Monday, August 29, 2011

Best Videos from Last Week · Digital Evolution

Video Replay is a selection, IMHO, of the best videos from the last week (Aug 22 - 28) of DaNews. Dax Barker, age 7,  goes for a quick sail after school:

The wacky world of windsurfing aka the King of the Hook. The Big Winds video:

British windsurfer Chris Murray, aka Muzza, is a bon vivant water dog who spent his summer over here in the western U.S.  The video shows us some of what he did:

The Queen of Kanaha, the beautiful Valerie Lopez, shreds some waves with her Hot Sails Maui Smack:

The 6 day PWA annual gathering at Costa Brava is not known for nukin' wind, but delivered perhaps the windiest conditions on Tour this year. Good thing Eric Bellande put this video together because it is a rare visual record of the event:

Stickering vandals hit Kanaha...Maui Windsurfing has collected 5 videos from the Kuma Movie Blog visit to Maui.

Red Bull Media House filmed and produced this PWA Tour video for their content outlets which includes a cable channel in Europe: Servus TV. There is a German voice over and it's 24 minutes long...have a look:

Digital Evolution · First to ride on the new school digital wave was Brian McDowell's Windsurfer International online magazine. The August issue, # 21, means 21 consecutive months of publishing. Because there are no long lead times to get the magazine to the printers, topics and material are more up to date. The videos are the coolest feature in the mag. The magazine is free and doesn't require the sacrifice of one tree. If you haven't already read it or have just learned about the August issue, click on the photo and give it a go.

Maui Sails has also been pumping out a monthly digital magazine/newsletter focused on their products and the principals that make up the business. It also includes regular reports from their team riders. Hearing directly from Taty Frans has been fun for me. The July 2011 Newsletter, number 75, is found on their website here. Using the same style format as the newsletter they offer their complete 2011 product line in an electronic brochure. 

For 2012, e-catalogs are now more common.

2012 Starboard:

2012 Tabou Catalog with arguably the most colorful board graphics ever produced:

2012 Gaastra Sails Manual:

2012 Goya Boards

2012 Simmer Style Boards, first year for boards:

2012 Maui Sails:

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