Monday, August 23, 2010

More Gear on Parade

Starboard brings back the Evo: the wide style wave board that started a revolution in wave board design...

To better meet the demands of everyday users, Starboard is now offering its SUPer 10 and SUPer 8’8 in a supreme value package with new Slick Skin technology...This is the world’s first SUP/windsurfing crossover board that applies a soft-board construction. Available as both a crossover board with rig or sold optionally as a as paddle board only, this new construction is also the most affordable one. The soft, slick bottom provides a smooth finish from a material that is tough, wear-resistant and maintenance free.

iSonic, Speed and Futura are ready to oogle.

Severne 2011 Wave Sails

RRD Freestyle Pro Twinzer, 2 fins are better than one. Thommen likes bamboo...more.

RRD 2011 Firerace

Go to the Neil Pryde website and you will be redirected to their 2011 wave and x-over sails where you will learn about their new sail materials. Unashamed, they would also like you to buy a new bicycle they now build. Fly 2 below and here for some Combat.

Werner Gnigler shares a few words about the new JP boards; more chatter and photos of the 2011 kit from down under; more photos here.

Fin freaks rejoice. New kid on the fin block, Canadian, Makani Fins offers education, blog, 3 different styles of weed fins and more.

2011 Fanatic Freewave

Nik Baker introduces the 2011 North Ego; Ice; Duke. And check out this new Ion mast protector.

Exocet follows a HiFly tradition. The large volume freeride twin fin: Twixx

More 2011 Tabou here.

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