Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Praise Pacasmayo Peru

The reports from the AWT Pacasmayo adventure praise this wave sailing paradise in Peru. Levi Siver  wrote: "Yesterday was an experience I will never forget. We sailed mast high waves that seemed to last minutes on each ride. Best port tack sailing I've ever had, hands down. My last wave was a bomb, all the way out from the light house to the camp. My arms and legs finally gave out after a full day marathon of endless turns and I remember just standing there in the flats still watching this wave peeling perfectly like a machine. I'm in total disbelief that this place isn't a popular destination for windsurfing. I could write about both sides of my experience in Peru. Why does a country with so much joy, love and resources can still struggle with poverty but I'd rather focus on how epic it was. I didn't get much further than this point break but for me this was it. We rode waves that lasted minutes long and laughed like kids. At 33 years old I was once again surprised by the open road."
Bernd Roediger explained the video below: "Taken just after the Pro Final, really stoked to come away with 3rd in Pacasmayo! This was a great wave caught by Kevin Pritchard (camera owner and Jet Ski driver) and Simon Crowther (filmer and nauseous backseat rider). This is hardly the cleanest, longest, or best ridden wave from this incredible week, but it was recorded expertly and so I think it should be shared! 

It’s the most Peaceful 3 minutes anyone could ask for, a gentle, rolling wave… Unlike anything I’ve experienced. A person actually has time to contemplate what’s happening between the Ocean and Him. His Face, and the Wind whispering, repeating the same song for eternity across this stretch of coast. This Coast in which a million waves have broken down in the same way, and will  continue long after you and I are gone and forgotten. The Sea dances in perfect rhythm just as each Muscle repeats the same sequence, turn after satisfying turn. A Board, sliding across the water, as your medium between two feet and all the electric, pulsating, ebbing and flowing, energy of the ocean. And the Wave. Crashing with grace, a beautiful death. Like holding the hand of a doomed stranger and in it’s final hour, becoming true friends. By the time the wave is over, this person can feel he has learned from it’s life.

For me, it’s a glimpse into eternity, an ancient message ringing out through time… Everything is cyclical, the life and the death of a thing blending together. Like energy, impossible to destroy, only capable of transformation, the Tides of the Universe take away the old and return with something new, but somehow the same. Just as each peeling wave is a replica of it’s ancestors... and through it all, Love, like a cosmic wind, keeps us sailing on course to our Destinies."

AWT reports: "Logo to mast high sets were steam rolling their way from the point all the way down through to the El Faro Adventure Resort and beyond. It was lining up to be a special day. Bernd Roediger, Morgan Noireaux, Levi Siver, and Kevin Pritchard were set for an epic showdown. They were battling for the top 2 positions to see who would square off in the man on man Final. Check out some of the awesome wave-sailing action!