Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gear on parade

Just when you thought it was safe to buy some new 2010 gear...the 2011 lines begin to appear.

Maui Sails has been using the Issuu publishing platform for their monthly newsletter. In fact, take away the sail company name and you've got all the elements of a good magazine. This brochure does a nice job of introducing their new sails.

Simmer Sails takes a more traditional approach to introduce their wave sails: some awe inspiring wave riding with explanation from Kai Katchadourian:

This Starboard video introduces their talented team riders showing what can be done with the 2011 boards; another wave sailing video introduces the Quad. Starboard has recently reskinned their website.

This 2010 X.O Freestyle Wave Sail called the Fusion has only 3 battens.

The I Q, Gaastra's 2011 Thomas Traversa signature sail has 4 battens in the 5.0 size and smaller.

The North 2011 Ice and its brothers are happy with 5 battens. The Shox.XTR ( seen this product before? ) claims better speed, control and comfort.

Boardseeker got some "Spy Shots" of the RRD 2011 Quad.

Here are 3 relatively new American fin companies: F4  Kashy  Ifju

Aluminum Aeron Booms arrived in the U. S. this year. Wind-NC has the info.

This pdf.file introduces the 2011 Goya sails.

Check out this new German made Tecno Limits boom head and the unique way it attaches to the mast.

Neil Pryde replaces the Alpha with the Atlas.

Robby, Kai and friends show off the entire 2011 Naish product line.

Their recently redesigned website is the perfect place to find the 2011 boards from Fanatic.

So far, JP has only gone public with  their 2011 Super Light Wind board. Andy Chambers interviews Werner Gnigler:

RRD introduced a bunch of wassups (windsurfing as stand up paddle)  in 2010 along with the rest of the industry. Here's some Florida proof of how they work:

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