Monday, June 28, 2010

Will live webcasts strengthen windsurfing?

The recently completed, June 2010 European Freestyle Professional Tour, event from Vassiliki, Greece was historic. Not just for the incredible freestyle but because it was the first ever live webcast of an entire windsurfing event. The online coverage of each heat showed both competitors on a split screen along with traditional sports commentary. These 2 simple media techniques allowed the viewer to watch and understand what is arguably windsurfing's most difficult discipline to follow.

Are live webcasts in windsurfing's future? I hope so. Surfing seems well settled in promoting events via live broadcast on the internet. Will live webcasts help promote windsurfing? Maybe. If the cost of doing it doesn't burden events, then we should be pushing this technology as much as we can. Will the PWA ever find its way into live broadcasting? Will we ever see Pozo live? David Troup's is making progress toward more live webcasts here in the U.S. Sailgroove did live webcasts from a boat on Biscayne Bay of the RSX medal races at the January, 2010 Miami OCR. I guess it's time to beat the drums; maybe somehow, someway, someone will drag us onto the next level. Meanwhile, have a look at what that first live event was like.

The final single elimination between Souza de Pedro of Brazil and Nico Akgazciyan of France.

Single elimination between Souza de Pedro of Brazil and Yardin Meir of Israel.

The double elimination final: Broeckhoven vs Souza

For the rest of the Vassiliki video collection: vwf2010

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