Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life with British Pro Ross Williams

PWA media man, Paul Griffths, did this interview with Ross Williams while everyone waited on the no show wind at the recent Costa Brava event in Spain.

PWA  How many boards and sails do you own?

Ross:  4 wave boards, 4 slalom boards, 1 formula board, a set of formula sails, two sets of slalom sails, and a set of wave sails. I guess that's about 25 sails.

PWA   How Much gear do you own at the moment?

Ross  I have about 50 slalom fins. Not many wave fins, and 2 $1800 formula fins!

PWA   How many of those slalom fins do you actually use?

Ross  4

PWA  Do you have to pay for all of your fins?

Ross  Unfortunately, yes!

PWA  Who makes your fins?

Ross  Lots of different people.

PWA  How many masts do you have?

Ross  About 35 in total. But if I have a good mast I keep it, so i've got some that are quite a few years old now.

PWA  How many booms do you own?

Ross  9 slalom booms. 7 wave booms. And 2 formula.

PWA  Wetsuits?

Ross  About 15. I like having plenty of dry ones!

PWA  What about harnesses?

Ross  I have 2 waist harnesses.

PWA Why don't you use a seat?

Ross  It doesn't suit my personal style

PWA  What tools do you bring on tour with you?

Ross  None. I just steal everyone else's!

PWA  What tool do you steal the most then?

Ross  A philips screwdriver to change my fin and put the straps on.

PWA   What do you spend most of your money on?

Ross  My house, excess baggage, airline tickets, computers, my jet ski for tow surfing, and my girlfriend!

PWA   What's your most valuable possession?

Ross  Can I have two?

PWA  I suppose.

Ross  My girlfriend and my jet ski (for tow surfing).

PWA  Where do you live when not on tour?

Ross  Argentina

PWA  How much time do you spend there?

Ross  Just 3 months

PWA  What's the longest you get to stay at home?

Ross  For a month maybe.

PWA  How much time do you spend in the UK these days then?

Ross  Two or three weeks a year maximum.

PWA  If you won the lottery what would you do?

Ross  Marry my girlfriend, and go tow surfing.

PWA   What's the key to getting a life like yours then?

Ross  Putting your career before everything else. And, winning a few contests helps!

PWA  What's the longest barrel you've ever had?

Ross  Probably 3 seconds in Chile! That was sick.

PWA  Who do you spend most of your time with?

Ross  Myself, my girlfriend, and the ocean. It's quite lonely... And Swifty.

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