Thursday, June 10, 2010

David Troup: Wave Bash, Webcasts, Jump Off

I only knew David Troup as a Maui boardtester for WindSurfing Magazine. One day I saw an announcement on Facebook (i think) that there was a planned live webcast from Hookipa. After logging onto the webcast, I got a phone call, here in Florida, from David asking about the quality of the feed. I've been a fan of his live webcasts ever since. Personally, I think live webcasts are one of windsurfing's best chances at promoting itself to a larger audience. Here are a few questions for David:

I know you're kinda gonzo for windsurfing, but i don't know much about what else you do. Could you tell us what you do to make a living and where you live?

I'm super gonzo on windsurfing, no doubt! I started windsurfing in 1980 and I guess that inital stoke never left me! As for work - I'm a business owner. Who else would hire a sailor who works crazy hours and leaves when it's windy? I live in Green Bay where I can catch some sick sailing in my backyard and the awesome waves of Lake Michigan are minutes away.

How and why did get started? How has the technology for your webcasts evolved?

Actually, GP (Giampaolo Cammarota of maui surf report) complained on one of his blog posts about the lack of windsurfing webcasts, and I happen to have access to the technology to make it work, so I did a few webcasts at Hookipa to prove the gear and then we did Jaws in February of 2010 and we continue to improve the technology and user experience. This has led into a partnership with Shadowbox and now the Jump Off series. Its been a fun evolution so far, but the best is yet to come.

The Pistol River Wave Bash website says you will be doing a live webcast of their event. This will be the first ever live webcast of an American wave contest!!

Webcast is TBD (to be determined) as there are a lot of unknown factors for the location. We'll have post coverage of the Jump Off online, and Sam (Bittner, Event Coordinater and Director) is also going to produce a Wave Bash video as well, so there will be plenty to watch online from the event, that's for sure!

Just this Friday, June 4, you announced the Pistol River Jump Off would run in conjunction with the Wave Bash. Tell us a little about how the Jump Off started and why you're doing them.

The Jump Off  is a simple format event where riders compete for the highest jump, backloop and forward loop as measured by on-board Shadowbox units. The initial contest in Maui in March was a huge success and the Pistol and Gorge events this summer are just the next few steps in our contest schedule for 2010 which will finish back on Maui in October later this year. We wanted to run an event where there were no subjective judges based on actual measurements of metrics. As you can see by the Gorge event, we're going to really mix it up with 10 metrics a few "team" metrics for total air, etc. Not only do the riders love the event format, but the spectators do as well. Actually, I think they enjoy the party we throw the best!! ;-)

Live webcasts seem like a major undertaking. What are your plans for the future of

We have a lot in store for the rest of 2010 in terms of events, and not just in windsurfing. We'll be holding Jump Off's for kiteboarding in the Gorge in July as well as other board sports. We're also going to be taking the spectator right into the action on their laptops and smartphones and get them involved with determining possible outcomes of events. 2011 is going to blow everyone's minds with the next evolution in the Jump Off, and I'd love to tell you all about it, but mums the word until later this fall when we unveil it! So stay tuned!

Will you compete in the Wave Bash or the Jump Off?

I'd love to compete in the Wave Bash if I had time. You never know - I might just sneak into a heat or two. ;-)

What's your latest favorite band?

Hmmm, that's a hard one. I'm a child of the 80's so a bit of Talking Heads and Oingo Boingo always make the list. Though you'd never know that by the music we put in the videos. Perhaps a little "Take me to the river" might be in order for the Gorge event video??

You can sometimes find David on his blog, Epic Sessions or

P.S. You can catch a live webcast of the efpt, freestyle event this Friday at Milos Beach Lefkada Vassiliki, Greece And no, David is not involved with this webcast, but I'm sure he will be watching.

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