Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2010 Florida Wave Challenge a wave sailing contest, a one day event, held on the first windy Saturday or Sunday of a 3 week contest window. The November contest's weekend date will be:  6 or 7 / 13 or 14 / 20 or 21. Detailed event information is found on the Florida Wave Challenge  website.  Event organizer, Bruce Thomas, started the Windsurfing Forecast. This page houses the daily windsurf forecast, on the scene video reports, the offshore buoy forecasts and Tweets during the event. Also new this year is FWC Facebook. Check out the Event Tab at the top of the FB page.

As a judge who has watched every heat of every event, I'd like to share a few of the best tips from this Boardseeker article by Ben Proffitt:
  • Take bigger kit than you would when freesailing. You need to be able to get upwind, plane and get height in your jumps so you don’t want to be underpowered!
  • Position yourself in front of the judges. It’s amazing how much better things look to a judge when it’s closer up!
  • Fill your score-sheet quickly and then build up from there. It’s no good doing ride after ride if you’re lacking a jump.
Ben offers 11 tips in all. Read the entire article, Checklist of Champions

These are the judges' scoring guidelines which show the point range for wave rides and the different moves (click image to enlarge).

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