Thursday, October 27, 2011

AWT Maui Makani Classic: Live from Ho'okipa

Live Webcast available on the AWT Website.

Broadcast scheduled to begin: 4:00 pm EDT.

More live Ho'okipa coverage from Mama's Beach Cam.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Fish Story · DaNews · Learners guide · New Job Offer

Mike with his sons
Rip Hood to Fatherhood  by Mike Fischer was published on his blog in 3 parts, 18 pages long. In steps Bill Bell who created a PDF Reader Widget that made it easier to read. Bill wrote: "Mike composed an excellent feature noting the experience of fatherhood and its tie in to windsurfing. The piece comprises interviews from windsurfing personalities across the spectrum and is an entertaining and insightful look into the experience. I was fortunate to be one of the interviewees and contributor to the story."

It's a good story that was written for publication in a windsurfing magazine. This blog really only offers a little more page width for even easier viewing and another chance to those who might have missed it. Hint: Zoom your page view to at least 125% for easier reading.

PDF player has been removed. Go to the above PDF Reader Link.

DaNews is my daily collection of windsurfing news and videos with the focus on North America. I've learned that the windsurfing community does an impressive job of reporting. Some might find it a little hard to stay on top of the many unique sources that report. This digest was started to make it easier to find the news. Why put it on Facebook? Because it's free, doesn't require FB membership to view the page and does a great job summarizing what you'll find when you click the link.

If you would like to put the DaNews Widget (see below) on your website, contact me via the "comments" at the bottom of this page.

Learners guide to windsurfing will be adding new material. Boards magazine has released a ton of recent magazine articles by Simon Bornhoft and Jem Hall. And there's more to add...I've been working on linking up all this new material so it is easier to find. Consequently the Blog will get less attention for awhile.

Katie Crafts is leaving her job as the Executive Director of the Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Association. They want to find a replacement soon. Deadline for applications: Oct 10. The job pays $30,000 a year. There is no other windsurfing job like this in the U.S. Details