Sunday, July 7, 2013

Live Webcast from Pozo ~ Radar

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Live Webcast from Pozo, Gran Canaria !!! The PWA high energy wave contest, July 9 - 14, is open to men and women. Only 32 men will compete with the final 6 selected from a group of 12 on opening day. 15 women have been selected including Sarah Quita Offringa, competing in her first ever wave contest. Pozo is 5 hours ahead of EDT. The above image is an iframe, the mirrored interactive live copy of the real PWA page. It will move to the Live Page on game day. PWA Website

Is Pozo the most extreme windsurfing event of the season? It's almost always the windiest. Competitors come weeks before to practice and prepare for the conditions. Injuries are common. Robby Swift broke his leg in 3 places just days ago. If anyone will ever do a triple forward in competition, it will likely be here. The pre-event buzz is huge.

Here is the always entertaining  Ben Proffitt reporting from Pozo with all the latest on the build up to the big event:


Former editor of the now defunct Windsurfing Mag, Josh Sampiero, has been writing for energy drink maker Red Bull since last year. He covers all their varied sports interest.

Windsurfing Magazine subscribers who were pissed by the decision to replace their cancelled subscriptions with another Bonnier magazine, might find some weird solace with the announcement that Transworld Surf is ending their print edition.

The AWT will try a new event and format on Lake Champlain this September 28 - 29. The event will include demos, clinics, a long distance race and windsurfing, kiteboarding, and paddleboard exhibitions. And this, from the AWT FB: The former AWT Maui Makani Classic has been renamed the Aloha Classic. The PWA has been invited to join the 2 week contest window. If the PWA does accept, top Pros from the AWT brackets will advance as wildcards to the PWA contest. PWA Tour Head Judge, Duncan Coombs, will be Head Judge for the AWT event. One more item, the Pacasmayo Classic in Peru has added slalom racing to the schedule. AWT Website

The National Geographic Extreme Photo of the Week of Levi Siver was extreme because in that session he set a new world record for highest windsurfing jump. More info about the photo shoot on the Michael Clark Blog. More photos of Levi from the Red Bull Windboost. Mouse over the photo to click for more photos.

Did you see the video of the one arm kid doing a jibe in Bonaire? That's Theo and he lost his arm to cancer. Thanks to Taty Frans for giving him some love and attention. Theo needs financial help for additional medical attention. You can donate here.

Show me the waves. Kuma Movie has been shooting from the freestyle capitol of the world and ~~~  Part 8  Part 9.

You took the advice and bought the mast recommended for your new sail. The years rolled by, the sail wore out but that carbon mast is still good. Want to try a different sail brand? Find out what sails work the best on your  old mast with the Unifiber Mast Selector.

A few hucking videos from Bruce Peterson featuring the King of the Huck, Dale Cook.