Sunday, April 28, 2013


 Wyatt Miller and Tyson Poor gave a most excellent Jibe Clinic this April 25; made possible by Wind NC, Makani Fins and others as part of the OBX Windsurfing & SUP Festival. The clinic starts out with why getting the right boom height, harness line length, footstrap set up and using a mastbase volcano pad are all important for good jibing. Endure the UStream ads that rudely interrupt. The actual clinic starts with an introduction by Andy McKinney around the 9:45 minute mark. Jibe specific instruction begins about 24:25 minutes in and ends at 50:48; clinic restarts at 76 min with help on tacking. 

From the above video, Tyson said the photo below demonstrated how looser fitting footstraps allowed his foot to turn within the strap which saved his foot from breaking.

About a week earlier, Andy McKinney held a Hatteras wave sailing clinic that covered getting off the beach, getting back on the beach, falling in the break, schlogging for waves, riding the outside swell, catching the last wave in the set, Q & A, and more.

Guy Cribb visited the US earlier this year and held clinics in Maui and Texas. Cribby is a prolific writer and regardless of how his articles might be categorised by Windsurf, they will help everyone who wants to improve their skill set. If you're settled in your windsurfing ways and think you know it all, test yourself and read at least the 2 embeds below. And if you're kinda new and just eager to learn some really good stuff, read on.

Double shot ~ Did you know: adjusting the outhaul can effectively decrease or increase your sail size by 15% and raising your boom improves early planing. Explore the math and science of boom height and outhaul tension.

Ground Control ~ An in depth look at the mast track as it relates to skill level, sea state and windsurf discipline with more on how it relates to sail rake, directional stability and boom height.

More of Guy Cribb's reprints from Windsurf Magazine.

The Handbrake ~ The importance of the front hand. Beach preparation for getting in the harness, foot work and hooking in.

Sideswipe ~ The importance of the backhand with gybing, wave sailing, tacking and water starting.

Kick Start ~ Getting ready for a new windsurfing season.

Footloose ~ Getting in the foot straps and what to do with them when gybing and tacking.

Chip Chop ~ Gybing in choppy water.

Riders On The Storm ~ More help for improving your sailing in choppy water.

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