Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Racing Takes Center Stage

The American Windsurfing Tour is helping focus a national spotlight on competitive windsurfing in North America. Their helping hands reached out and saved the annual US Windsurfing National Championship event which had been cancelled at the last minute. With broad industry support, the AWT has now truly defined itself as a show case for all the unique disciplines of windsurfing: wave sailing, racing and freestyle. I've always liked the the name of this organization and with the recent success of the Nationals in Hood River, their name makes even more sense. The umbrella has been opened. They are now a truly American Windsurfing Tour.

US Windsurfing National Championship Rewind · Event Site, Hood River, Oregon - Phil McGain won the 2012 US National Championship in Course Racing (Formula) and Slalom. Wyatt Miller won the Freestyle Title. Photos from every day are found here. Daily reports below include videos.

If you visit the AWT website wanting to catch up on a multiple day event, go to the RSS Feed to find what you're missing. Event reporting and ultimately its promotional impact for the sport and the Tour is what makes the AWT so outstanding as an organization. Just as the PWA has learned, reporting your event is massively important for nurturing the success of future events.

The Formula North American Championship was held in San Francisco with 23 competitors who finished the competition just the day before the US Nationals began. Brazilian Wilhelm Shurmann won the Championship. This event shared the stage with the Kite Racing North American Championship. For most of the reporting, including daily video summaries go to this page. And for more day by day detailed race reports, go to Steve Bodner's Blog here.

The Maui Race Series wrapped up for the year with the Neil Pryde Hawaii State Championship. Buzianis won the final contest of the 5 race series. And yes, Phil McGain, after winning the US Nationals, made the starting line on Saturday, July 28 at Kanaha Beach Park. Seems covering ground is a McGain speciality in more ways than one. Maui News reported: "McGain also was a little tired from a week of racing and airline travel. He won national titles in Formula racing and slalom at the U.S. Windsurfing National Championships in Hood River, Ore., that ended on Thursday. 'I was pretty pleased, I sailed well all week,' McGain said. 'I made very few mistakes.' In 12 races at the nationals, McGain didn't fall once. But he crashed in that third heat of the Pro A division. 'It was a lapse of concentration,' McGain said. 'My mind and body are a little bit tired. I was so focused on the nationals, it was hard to focus today. Micah sailed very well. But I like to think I gave him a run for his money.' " Harry Wiewel Photos ~ Jimmie Hepp Photos

With the US Nationals out of the way, the AWT is now down in Punta San Carlos, Baja at Solo Sports running the Quatro Desert Showdown.

Olympic Live Streaming is available from NBC. Yes, they are covering RS:X racing which starts on Tuesday, July 31, 7:00 am EDT (noon UK time - 5 hours earlier than the US east coast). I watched the first part of the Finn Class Race 1 Monday night. The quality of the broadcast is stunning, just as you'd expect if it was on TV. There is no commentary. Now the hard part. Go here http://www.nbcolympics.com/liveextra/ and answer their questions about your account with your cable provider. If you want to watch the live broadcast or the replays, you will have to prove it is your account by submitting your account name and password. Yikes, kinda scary, huh?


  1. Did you find RS:X on the live streams? I reviewed the replays and it was all boat sailing. Still wondering where they're hiding RS:X especially since Farrah is a friend.

    1. Windsurfing is on this Wednesday morning...Bob 11th and Zac 12th.