Sunday, August 8, 2010

What's new with the Learners guide to windsurfing ?

Two new communities have been added to the Learners guide: Caribbean: Southern Islands; Caribbean: Northern Islands. The traditional division for the Caribbean of the Windward and Leeward Islands left me somewhat confused so I  created a north - south division.

All entries in the Community guide require a website. Afterall, the guide is here to make it easier for everyone to find and make connections .  For the Caribbean guide, I relied a lot on Windresorts who seem very up to date and willing to blog about it. Please help by adding any information or corrections to Comments at the bottom of this post.

Started in late June of this year, Hodgepodge is a collection of websites, videos and articles not covered by the other categories in the Learners guide.

I read on Jeff Bennett's Maui Windsurfing that he once had 6,000 visitors in one day to watch one of his Hookipa videos. Giampaolo Cammarota's maui surf report has also reported big viewer numbers. With Maui as your stage and windsurfers as your audience, it's easy to understand why good reporting would draw a crowd. Ansel Adams always chose his subject well. Good craft and good subject is a winning combination.

The Learners guide, started in late May '09, continues to impress me with how global its audience is. Almost unknown to the general windsurfing population, and rarely referenced on websites, The LG is growing  by virtual grassroots sharing. Maybe it's just naive me but folks out there seem to want an easy connection to more information about windsurfing.

My favorite country visit is from Iran; just makes me feel hopeful. Seeing anything you nurture, grow and prosper, feels good. It was  nice to read a blog post from James Douglass who said "there’s something big and amazing going on with the sport of windsurfing now."

A Hardy HiHo Silver Ya'll !!!

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