Friday, May 28, 2010

A Windsurfing Nation

The Community section located in the left hand sidebar of the Learners guide now covers the entire continental U.S. with a little Mexico and Canada thrown in for good measure. Organized into 7 different pages, is a list of the current Windsurf Nation. Please look at your area of interest and correct mistakes and omissions. Leave a comment on this blog or at the bottom of the page here.

Why collect and publish such a thing? In theory, for anyone new to this scene, it's a chance to find someone else to sail with.  If you love this sport, then you gotta love those who practice it. Finding them is the next logical step. Community is worthy of promotion.

Digging up all the information for Community gave me a good look at how we present ourselves to everyone else. On behalf of all of us who regularly visit windsurfing websites, could the hard working volunteers who build and administer these websites please update your sites. Too many links don't work. And if you started a Yahoo email group that hasn't had a windsurfing post in years or is overun by solicitous spammy offers, please, please go ahead and delete your group. When anyone asks almighty Google for help in finding a windsurfing connection, what you find in Community is what they will see. Can't hurt the sport if our websites are at least accurate and up to date.

Wherever there is a windsurfing website, another path is created  that leads to the windsurfing story. Our Windsurf Nation does a good job online giving our sport identity. Because we love what we do, we never hesitate in telling others how much fun we're having. And that's what all the online presence boils down to: all the words, photos and videos, are really just one big smile.

P.S. The next Community survey will be Maui.

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