Saturday, May 22, 2010

Learners guide updates

There are 2 new communities listed on the Learners guide sidebar: The Gorge and Pacific Northwest and California and Baja, Mexico Please help make these guides accurate. Corrections? Omissions? Leave a comment.

Another new page is Hodgepodge, a collection of dissimilar ingredients.

One more addition is The 10-Step Guide to Windsurfing by Bill Prinzmetal, found here at the bottom of the page.

My virtual tour of some of this continent's massive west coast proves to me that windsurfing is alive and well. No matter what you remember about the good ol' go-go glory days from our infancy, when we were the buzz child of all things new, today, Windsurf Nation is stoked and sharing it. In fact there are many of you too young to know much about the glory days except through photos...thank goodness.

I like San Francisco where it seems everybody has a blog or a website. Is it 'cause everyone is techno savy and the internet is a natural extension to the art of communication? Or is it, everyone is just stoked out of their brains and compelled to tell anyone what a damn fine thing this windsurfing is? Don't matter, it's a pleasure to read all of it.

It's been said that California is years ahead of the rest of the U.S. One thing really stands out about SF: there is a culture of acceptance for kiting; a real merger of the two sports in many of the organizations. In fact, stand alone windsurf shops have been long gone. Retail reality requires the multi sport approach. San Fran already embraces this across the water sport community. Will the rest of us follow years later? Will we be "Board Groups" with the only requirement, you use a board on the water? Who knows...For now there is stoke and there is windsurfing and it feels good.

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