Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I've added new material to the Learners guide to windsurfing. If you're a regular reader of the Windsport website, then you probably already follow Matt Pritchard's Monday technique series. If you missed it, catch up at Matt's new page on the Learners guide. There's more of Matt's technique series referenced on the Waves page.

Another new page is Hatteras and surrounding region. Please take a look and help me get the information right, especially what I missed. In researching the information for this page, one fact became all too obvious: many windsurfing websites are out of date.

I'm working on adding more community pages.

My other project, DaNews continues a slow crawl from the obscure to the sublime. A windsurfing viral sensation it's not. Any hopeful ambition that this would catch fire has been tempered by the reality that making friends takes time. Maybe there is some stigma because DaNews is on Facebook. Is Facebook not cool anymore? Was Facebook never cool?

Or maybe this is how you feel about anything related to Facebook.

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  1. I like where you are going with this. Where are you?