Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Foolery

All the time I spent to concoct the "changing jobs hoax" was laid to waste when i got a phone call from Josh Sampiero to please remove the story from this blog. Bummer. I pleaded but got no explanation why someone other than Josh wanted the story removed. Because Josh is a friend, I agreed to the request. Heck in a few hours April Foolery would be over anyway. But still, why the urgency to remove the story....
Meanwhile, April Fools pranks rolled through windsurfing's online media. First up this morning was an email from the Highland Spring HiHo touting that members from Alinghi, losing syndicate of the just completed America's Cup, would now be skippering the yachts used to house the HiHo competitors during the cruise/race. Windsurfjournal ran a story about Antoine Albeau leaving windsurfing to take up a new career as a SUP racer. The Beach Telegraph linked a report about the new fin less Starboard creation. WindSurfing ran the next issue cover of Giampaola Cammarota: Ho'okipa Rock Star. Boardseeker introduced the new freestyle move: the Trengrouse. Newly launched DaNews ran the story of WindSuring Mag's editor moving up to a new job.

All were made up stories in honor of the April Fools tradition. If you got fooled don't worry, just get ready for next year.

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