Sunday, June 9, 2013

Santa Cruz Recap ~ Pistol River Next

The Competitors' Edition ~ The first event of the 2013 AWT season, from Waddell Creek near Santa Cruz, was followed by every windsurfing news outlet from Europe to Australia and even some non windsurfing, sailing focused websites. Pete Dekay, editor of Windsport, wrote the summary of competition for each day.  If you were too busy to follow the news while you were there, below is what the world read and saw about you at the AWT Goya Windsurfing Festival:
Participants: 2011 - 75 ~ 2012 - 80 ~ 2013 - 65.

The videos below are listed in the order they were published. Even though it's been over a week since the event concluded, new reports continue to get published. I will add them to this post when available.

For the latest developments about the next AWT event at Pistol River, look on the: AWT Website and/or AWT Facebook. This FB link is where all the AWT photos from Santa Cruz 2013 were posted. Only the AWT can post to this FB page. Some of you may have noticed that there are actually 2 AWT Facebook pages. The second AWT Facebook page, which is actually the one linked to from their website, allows everyone to post to the page but is not well supported by the AWT. That means not very much official AWT reporting gets posted there. This page has 3,294 friends. And the first, official 'cause of its content, AWT FB page has 2,067 likes which might explain why Sam is reluctant to lose either one.

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