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Which One ? ~ New Intermediate Skills Page

Gear reviews are sometimes hard to find. On the cover of the reconstituted Boards 2012 Spring/Summer Annual, their "Complete Flatwater Directory" (which is not so complete) claims 550 boards and 700 sails, a staggering amount of uniquely different gear. Chances are that whatever you want to buy has never been reviewed. When you consider that pro model boards can cost over $2000, buying new gear is not for the faint of heart; we're rarely satisfied with just one board. It makes sense to seek advice in making an important decision.

Windsport has provided an easy way to compare the dimensional differences between brands. The iframe below is a half scale mirror image of the real web page. The iframe (may not work in all browers) is live and all links are active. Zoom your page view for easier reading. 10 2013 5.3 m. Crossover & Power Wave Sails.  If budget is an issue, the past Windsport Annual Gear Tests will help you find the latest and greatest not quite current gear.

Boards Magazine tests results:  First Impression: Exocet Nano ~ First Impression: RRD Firemove. While Boards lists a bunch of reviews for 2012 gear starting here, their MPORA owned sister mag was actually doing the testing. So without further adieu:   Boardseeker tests results: 8 2013 90 l. Freewave Boards ~ 12 2012 4.7 m. Wave Sails ~ 12 2012 5.3 m. Wave Sails ~ 7 2012 90 l. Multi Fin Wave Boards. You will find more gear reviews (2011 - 2008) starting here.
Windmag, a French language magazine, offers a plethora of  reviews for 2012 Gear. Go here  and select either Tests boards (planches) or Tests sails (voiles). Parlez-vous français? If you don't, then you'll need to deal with a text translator. Either copy and paste to Google Translate or highlight and right click to use Bing Translate.
And don't forget to look for product reviews on the manufacturers websites, like this 2013 Flatwater Test Special about Starboard's 2013 Carve, Futura and Isonic.

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