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The New Racing Rules: 2013 - 2016 · Euro Events

The Windsurfing Competition Rules (Appendix B) starts on page 56 of the 178 page PDF ISAF document: 2013 - 2016 Racing Rules of Sailing. Below is a reprint from the Formula Windsurfing Class, highlighting the rules that have changed:

"Andrus Poksi, ISAF IJ from Estonia, has very kindly put together this short summary of changes to WCR in the RRS 2013>2016 edition. Kamen Fillyov is finalising a 2013>2016 specialist edition of the Windsurfing Competition Rules - available soon.

Main changes in Appendix B are restructural. Rules in Appendix B are relocated according to rules in Parts 1-7 so it is easier and more logical now to find rules. For example, Appendix B2 corresponds to RRS Part 2, Appendix B3 to RRS Part 3, etc. There are also some very minor edits which are solely for clarification and are not detailed here.

Definition Mark-Room allows a board to sail her proper course to round or pass the mark. Previous version allows to sail a proper course only at the mark. Definition Tack, Starboard or Port changed. To define board’s tack before, we had to look boards side but according to new definition we have to look competitor’s hand – which hand in normal position is closer to mast, that is the board’s tack.

B2 Rule 16 Changing Course
B2-16.3 is changed. Rule does not apply for slalom racing only but for all races where course to the first mark is 90 degrees or more from the true wind. Also a right-of-way board cannot change course during last one minute, instead of 30 seconds in former rule.

B2 Rule 18 Mark-Room
B2-18.1 last sentence clearly prescribes when rule 18 ceases to apply.

B2 Rule 23 Capsized; Aground; Rescuing
B2-23.2 The rule has been rewritten but with no substantial changes. Added “if possible” gives in some cases just more flexibility to capsized board.

B2 Rule 24 Interfering With Another Board; Sail Out of Water
B2-24.3 The old rules states that the sail must be out of the water when a board is approaching the starting line to start, which means an unclear period of time; now this rule defines the period as 1 minute before the starting signal.

B3 Rule 31 Touching a Mark
This rule is changed significantly which changes also the game. B2-31 just states the rule is deleted, which means a board can touch a mark and can hold on to mark as well! There is no restrictions anymore as it was in former rules which prohibits to hold on to mark. So according to new rule (deletion) a board can hold on to starting vessel and wait her start unless it is forbidden by sailing instructions.

B4 Rule 42 Propulsion
The text of the rule is unchanged except last sentence is added, which makes the interpretation of this rule very clear – ie significant progress shall not be made by paddling, swimming or walking.

Rule 48.2
There is a new rule 48.2 for boat as well as for boards – A board shall comply with IRPCAS (International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea) rule 10, Traffic Separation Schemes. Basically this rule states how to cross a traffic channels or lines.

B5 Rule 60 Right to Protest; Right to Request Redress or Rule 69 Action
B5-60.1(a) The words “or saw” are deleted in rule. It means a board cannot protest another board for an alleged breach of a rule of Part 2 or rule 31 (which has to be deleted as well as this rule is deleted for boards) when she just saw the incident. Also protests based on hearsay are no longer valid. She must be involved in the incident when she intends to protest.

B5 Rule 61 Protest Requirements
B5-61.1(a) The last sentence of the rule is changed by replacing word “immediately” to “as soon as practicable” which give a board a little bit more time than immediately to inform the race committee of her intention to protest.

B5 Rule 62 Redress
B5-62.1(e) The wording of the rule is changed but the meaning is same. The words “failed to keep clear” are replaced to “breaking a rule of Part 2”.

B7 Rule 90 Race Committee; Sailing Instructions; Scoring
B7-90.2(c) This rule allows the race committee to give oral instructions not only on the water but also on ashore. This procedure can be in force only when it is stated in the sailing instructions.

B8 Rule A1 Number of Races; Overall Scores
The last sentence which clarifies how to calculate the overall scores has been added to rule.

B10 Rule 29 Recalls
In this rule there are two errors in ISAF rule book. Rules B10-29(a) and (b) are referring to rules 29.1(a) and (b) but there are no these rules. The proper reading must be rules 29(a) and 29(b).

Commented by

Andrus Poksi
ISAF International Judge

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Windsurfing competition thrives in Europe. The PWA has 9 of their 12 events scheduled on or near the continent. The Forumla Class has confirmed 8 events in Europe. And the European Freestyle Professional Tour, efpt, is planning 6 events. And yes, they award prize money. The impressive British Wavesailing Association has announced 2 events for May with more to come. Equally as large in member participants, the British Slalom Association is set to run half a dozen or so races again this year. Both groups working in conjunction with the UKWA make up an outstanding busy yearly schedule. And don't forget the French...It seems every country in Europe has its own unique windsurfing association running its own country specific events. Got a bank roll? A summer in Europe might help you find out if you have game and help you build your competitive edge...

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