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AWT · ISAF Cancels Windsurfing · Windsport

Day 1  Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Festival · AWT reported: "A weak storm front rolls through the Santa Cruz area killing the wind for day 1 of the AWT's Goya Windsurfing Festival... but don't fear, the forecast looks great for the rest of the weekend. Skippers meeting will be at 9 am Friday so everyone will be ready for a big day at Waddell Creek."

Day 1 Photos by : Windsport ~ Windsport Registration ~ AWT

Day 2   Santa Cruz Delivers · Russ Faurot reported: "The AWT scores for the first event of 2012 with killer wind and waves at Waddell Beach. Day two marked the completion of almost a full single elimination bracket (only a couple heats are left in the Amateurs and Masters divisions) with two more days in store to complete the single and run the double elimination." Highlights included:

  • Brawzinho’s Double forwards
  • Levi Siver’s planing Wave 360s
  • Bernd Roediger ripping his way into the final
  • Overall high level of sailing talent
Hot Sails Maui's Chris Freeman recounted: "As the day progressed the wind ramped up and so did the action, wave riding turned to wave riding + jumps and at the very end of the day we were back to waves only on what was a thrilling day of big jumps, slick waves and huge crashes in the cold surf. With just a few rounds to be completed in the single elimination, Saturday will bring the double and chance for all to improve on their current rankings."

Day 2 Photos by : AWT ~ Windsport ~ Pressure Drop ~ Mike Shklovski ~ AD Surf Photos 1 ~ Widgic Studio

Single Elimination results were completed mostly on Friday. There was an impressive field of 24 in the Pro Division including notables Nathan Mershon, Kevin Pritchard, Josh Stone, Francisco Goya, Kai Katchadourian and Tyson Poor. Top 4 results: Levi Siver ~ Marcillio Browne ~ Graham Ezzy ~ Bernd Roediger

The Amateur Division had 35 competitors and finished their Single elimination bracket on Saturday. The top 4 were: Jerry McKay ~ Alex Poore ~ Dave Robinson ~ Chris Freeman

The Womens Division had 8 competitors and the top 4 were: Ingrid Larouche ~ Sam Bittner ~ Leah Doren ~ Fiona Wylde

The Youth Division had 5 participants and was scored differently than everyone else. Combining Friday and Saturday's heats, the top 4 scores were:  Harley Stone ~ Nick Dudet ~ Casey Rehrer ~ Fiona Wylde

The Masters Division with 22 participants concluded their bracket on Saturday. Top 4 were: Reed Nielson ~ Brian Caserio ~ Bruce Dilbeck ~ Seth Levy

Friday's Single Elimination heat by heat bracket history.

Day 3· Russ Faurot reported: "Wind and waves hit Waddell Beach again for the third day of the AWT: Goya Windsurfing Festival. The single eliminations for the amateur and master divisions where completed and some intense double elimination action was begun. Today’s the final day so we are looking to complete the double eliminations and run an expression session for a Chinook boom. The closing party will be at Davenport Surf and Sail tonight where $5,000 will be awarded to the event winners!"

Chris Freeman added: "Another long day on the water (and on the beach for some). With just a few heats remaining in the Masters and Am fleets this morning it was quickly time for the double elimination rounds to start in all divisions. In the Am division it was Casey who made his way through the double elimination heats and he would eventually face Chris (who made up for yesterdays hiccup and won through his two heats) in the later stages, unfortunately at the end of the day the wind died before the heat could be completed..." The Double Elimination Brackets were started but not finished.

Day 3 Photos by:  AWT 

Saturday's Double Elimination heat by heat bracket history.

Day 4 · Russ Faurot reported: "The Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Festival is in the books and will be remembered for years to come as an epic contest. We had amazing wind and waves over two days of competition. What a great way to kick off the 2012 AWT tour. Davenport Surf and Sail hosted an incredible closing party where all the winners and $5,000 prize money was awarded. Thanks to everyone who helped out and supported this great event. See you all at Pistol River next month."

Conditions on Sunday did not allow the continuation of the Double Elimination Brackets, thus forcing  the Single Elimination results to determine the event winners. Sam Bittner reported "Last year's contest drew 75 competitors, and 80 signed up this year."

Sunday Photos by: AWT

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714 new photos from Widgic Studio linked on Day 2. 

Team MauiSails event report: MauiSails at the AWT.

Windsport has a 20+ video collection of the individual heats.


The International Sailing Federation voted windsurfing out and kiting in for the 2016 Olympic Games headed to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Saturday, May 5, the Council voted 19 to 17 to end windsurfing's 32 year, 8 Olympiads run, which began in 1984.

As expected, the windsurf community is in a state of shock and disbelief. Ben Remocker reacted: "PR and strategic disaster for ISAF. We now have 470 men, 470 women, 49er men, 49er women, and Nacra 17 mixed that all require the same basic skills and body type, yet we kick out windsurfing, where the campaigns are cheap, athletes are fit, and the easiest medium to spread our sport around the world...Did we just kick out the cheapest and 2nd most popular class?"  Bryan McDonald acknowledged the new reality with a dash of hopeful disbelief. "Congrats to kiting and I'm with Bruno that we need additional medals for windsurfing!! Due to the worldwide popularity of windsurfing and how available it is for emerging countries, I'd be amazed if it was shut out." 

Britain's,  The Independent reported : "I am raw, sore, and shell-shocked by the decision," said Rory Ramsden, secretary of the RSX board association, returning from the meeting in Italy of the world governing body, the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). The French are said to be 'devastated'.

It would take a two thirds majority at ISAF’s annual general meeting in November to overturn the decision taken on a 19-17 vote by the ISAF council at the end of its mid-term meeting.

What rocked Ramsden was the way in which the tide turned against him at the final, emotionally charged meeting. John Crebbin, representing Ireland, made a strongly supportive speech in favour of kites. He was joined by American representative Charley Cook, Kamen Fillyov of Bulgaria, the chairman of ISAF’s windsurfing and kiteboarding committee, voted in favour of kites, there was unexpectedly strong support from Spain, and even a speech in favour from the former King of Greece..."

In the wake of this decision: disappointment, anger and protest. By midnight on the same day of the decision, Appeal against kite surfing..., a Facebook Group (with an insane amount of commentary) only 12 hours old had 9,618 members; 24 hours later, they had 13,213. The social action platform,, had gathered over 1,000 signatures in less than 12 hours in protest of the ISAF decision; 24 hours later they have 4,456.


  1. That's a pretty irresponsible headline- windsurfing's been cancelled.
    There's more grassroots movement in windsurfing now than there has been in 25 years. Put some beef into your reporting instead of just stirring the pot for the sake of bubbles. Id be happy to direct you to several organizations that are pushing windsurfing to new heights.

  2. calcup
    cisa norcal junior clinic
    stfyc junior program
    us sailing development team
    team usa junior windsurfing
    nb windsurfing juniors

  3. Hold on....It appears that the delegate who represented Spain did not intend to vote Windsurfing out. The report from Israel suggests others were likely confused when they voted. Google Windsurfing News and you will find a bunch of new postings that explains this