Monday, April 18, 2011

Bo Derek and Olympic scuttlebutt, circa 1980

If you're too young to know who Bo Derek is, too bad. Once again, I have dug deep into Windsurfer history with some of the material from the Spring issue of 1980. The above page, I hope, needs no explanation.

Recently there's been a boardsport kerfuffle of Olympic proportions: Will it be kiting or windsurfing or both at the 2016 Olympics? Diane Schweitzer's editorial from 1980 reminds us how that new sport of windsurfing got rushed into the Olympics without much history to prove if we were the real deal or just a passing fad. Once again, a special thanks to Ted Schweitzer, The Original WINDSURFER. Click the page scans for better viewing...uh, reading ( add some page zoom too).

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